Can You Use Dishwasher Pods For Laundry?

When you urgently need laundry pods but can’t find any at home, you may think of using the dishwasher pod lying beside. But can you use dishwasher pods for laundry?

No, never use dishwasher pods for laundry. The dishwasher pods contain ingredients that are suitable for removing strong fats and greases from dishes. These hard ingredients will ruin soft fabrics. Besides, the overflowing bubbles of dishwasher pods damage the machine.

So, before you grab your dishwasher pods for laundry thinking it’s the same; please read this article to know the reasons why we are discouraging you.

Can You Use Dishwasher Pods For Laundry?

Despite having similar looks and performing the same cleaning tasks, the dishwasher and laundry pods differ significantly. They have different ingredients, different temperature preferences, and working processes which are described below.

Can You Use Dishwasher Pods For Laundry

Dishwasher Pods Damage The Fabrics

The dishwasher pod’s work is to wash away the hard and clingy types of greases, fats, and stains from your dishes. Chemicals and enzymes of several types are included in the dishwashing pod. These chemicals do a rough cleaning which is not good for your laundry.

Soft materials like cotton, silk, etc. are used to make the clothing. These fabrics will be damaged if you use a dishwasher pod because of the nonionic substances it contains.

Dishwasher Pods Discolor Clothes

Also, dishwasher pods contain ammonia and bleach which will discolor your clothes. As a result, there would be bad scratches, and stains on your clothes which you definitely wouldn’t want.

Washing Machine Damage

Again, the work process of dishwashers and laundry machines isn’t the same. The dishwasher pods have foamy ingredients that create too many suds and bubbles. The laundry machines can’t contain these excess bubbles. So they will overflow causing damage to the laundry machine.

Temperature Difference

Dishwasher pods are suitable for high temperatures, but laundry washer machines use cold or lukewarm water. So considering all these aspects, you should already understand why you shouldn’t use dishwasher pods for laundry.

What Else Can You Use Dishwasher Pods For?

Dishwasher pods contain enzymes, bleach, and surfactants which enables them to wipe off the dirtiest type of stains. Due to their strong cleaning capability, dishwasher pods can be used for several other purposes from washing bad marks from the wall to polishing the garage floor.

What Else Can You Use Dishwasher Pods For

Toilet Cleaning

The dishwasher pod has ingredients to clean greases from the toilet. Drop a pod into the toilet bowl and add water. Then scrub properly with a brush.

Floor Polishing

Dishwasher pods can be used for cleaning the oil and gas stains on your garage floor. For this, add enough warm water to a dishwasher pod so that a paste is created. Apply the paste to stains. Rinse it after one or two days. Hopefully, the stains will fade away.

Oven Cleaning

Dishwasher pods can help you get rid of the after-baking stains of food in your oven. Soak the inside with water. Then dampen a dishwasher pod and use it to scrub the oven’s inside. Then dry the oven by keeping it under the fan.

Removing Colored Stains From White Clothes

One of the main ingredients of dishwasher pods is ammonia which works as a bleaching material. Foods, coffee, tea, sauce, etc. often leave a mark on white clothes. Use a dishwasher pod along with the laundry pod to remove any marks from your white cloth.

Wiping Out Color Pencil And Crayon Marks From Wall

Whenever you’re bothered by the color marks left on your wall by your kids, look for a dishwasher pod. Drop a dishwasher pod in a bucket of hot water and let it dissolve. Then soak a sponge in this water and scrub the wall. If the marks are too deep, scrub a half-dissolved pod on it.

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What’s Better Pods Or Liquid Detergent For Laundry?

Considering its usability and popularity, liquid detergent is better for laundry than pods. Liquid detergent has certain qualities that make it more easily handleable.

Measuring Advantage

Liquid detergents come with a measuring cup. If you need to wash fewer clothes, you can use any amount of liquid detergent using the measuring cup. But pods don’t give that opportunity. Pods come in a pre-measured size and using the full size is a waste.

Better Washing Capability

Liquids can be used to pretreat stains on clothes. If you want to wash your cloth or delicate garments by hand before putting them into the washing machine, the liquid is the best option. Also, detergents provide a different sweet scent which is a delight.

Liquid Detergent Costs Less

Almost every brand of liquid detergent costs much less than pods. While using pods, you can’t determine the measurement which results in more use than necessary. So pods cost you too much while liquid saves money.

Less Chance of Harm

As pods look like candies, they are often mistakenly swallowed by kids. This causes serious health issues. On the other hand, liquid comes in a bottle, so there is less chance of harm. Hence, those who have kids at home prefer to use liquids. With all its advantages, liquid detergent is still the consumer’s first choice for laundry.


Before you use a pod, look at the ingredients first. If the pod contains bleaching agents like ammonia or hard materials like sodium hydroxide, don’t use them for laundry.

On the other hand, when choosing a laundry washer, look for ingredients like active oxygen bleach, and ionic compounds. Ionic compounds react with the dust and remove them from the cloth surface.

Nonionic materials react with fatty acid and other types of organic compounds and wash them away. So they are better for hard cleaning. Also, different pods are suitable for different purposes. Try to use the specific washer pod to ensure the best cleaning.

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