Is It Possible To Place The Dishwasher Next To Stove?

Designing or renovating a kitchen takes considerable time and effort. While planning, the priority of the homeowners is an ideal setup that lets them work smoothly. That said, the stove and dishwasher placement is crucial in this regard.

You can place the dishwasher next to stove to ease the process of transferring dirty plates, glasses, and pans. And if an oven is there with a stove, the layout should’ve enough space for opening the oven and dishwasher.

There’s more to the placement of the dishwasher next to the stove. And that’s why this article will cover all those aspects you must know. Therefore, let us begin our discussion.

Is It Safe To Place The Dishwasher Next To The Stove?

There are no significant issues when placing the dishwasher next to the stove. You must ensure a minimum space of 9-10 inches between the stove and dishwasher compartment.

Placing the dishwasher next to the stove lets you quickly transfer pots and pans to the dishwasher. One fear that most people have is whether the stove’s heat might harm the dishwasher. But in reality, both these appliances are insulated, so they don’t end up damaging each other’s components.

Moreover, placing a dishwasher next to a stove wouldn’t be an issue if there is enough space to accommodate it.

Can A Dishwasher Be Placed Anywhere?

The dishwasher’s placement depends on the type of dishwasher you will use in your kitchen. Not all dishwasher types are suitable for fitting in all positions. Here the placements are also dependent on some crucial factors that are discussed below:

Can A Dishwasher Be Placed Anywhere

Kitchen Size

It depends on the kitchen layout size and where you will place the dishwasher. Not all types of dishwashers may have room for placement in a kitchen. As dishwashers are available in different shapes and sizes, each type requires specific space.

Specific options like portable dishwashers are flexible enough for placing anywhere. It is a type that gives you the chance to have a dishwasher even if the space is limited. The mobility and flexibility this dishwasher provides are unmatched.

On the other hand, built-in dishwashers are the best options when there is no issue. A traditional built-in dishwasher is perfect in any large kitchen for washing a good number of utensils. These dishwashers can be blended well with the kitchen layout and ensure the proper usage of the available space.

Moreover, the layout Size of the kitchen will highly dictate the type of dishwasher you want to place in the kitchen.


There are specific positions where you might want to place the dishwasher to do the cooking and washing efficiently. Setting up in any place inside the kitchen won’t meet the objective.

If your goal is to achieve efficiency in washing, you can install the dishwasher right underneath the stove. And for that, a drawer dishwasher would be the best option. A drawer dishwasher would ensure a minimal transition time and lessen your hassle of washing the dishes.


Since you will be placing the dishwasher inside the kitchen, relevant appliances will be in the surroundings. But not all of these appliances are suitable for placement near each other. In Particular, placing the dishwasher and refrigerator side by side isn’t recommended.

A dishwasher and a refrigerator have opposite mechanisms. One gets hot during its operations, and the other gets cold. As a result of placing both these appliances side by side, there is a considerable energy loss.

A dishwasher generates tremendous heat at the time of a wash cycle. For the refrigerator, it can be a massive issue as the appliance on its side will impact its internal functioning. The rising temperature will cause the refrigerator to consume more power to keep the internal environment regular.

Insulation paper can be tried on as a solution, but that won’t fix the problem as the heat produced can be too high.

Some Dishwasher Placement Ideas

While planning a kitchen, it is essential to map the placement of different appliances. Since the dishwasher is an integral part of the kitchen layout, you must place them correctly. That said, some of the effective dishwasher placement ideas are given below:

Behind Sink

Placing the dishwasher close to the sink cuts down the plumbing costs. The farther the dishwasher is from the sink, the costlier it gets to set up a connection.

Behind Sink

In addition, it helps to improve the efficiency in functionality. Placement of the dishwasher close to the sink will make a scraping, rinsing, and loading dishes the easiest way possible.

Close to Storage

When the crockery storage is close to the dishwasher, it reduces the need to move around. You can keep the washed dishes directly when the storage is close to the dishwasher.

The layout of the kitchen has to accommodate the storage in this regard. All you need to make sure is the sink, dishwasher, and storage are within a minimum range. It will eventually reduce your workload.

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We have already covered most of the aspects relevant to the dishwasher. However, there are still a few queries that most people ponder. Some of them are discussed below:

Can the oven and dishwasher be placed next to each other?

There are no significant issues in placing an oven and a dishwasher next. You must maintain a good clearance between these two appliances and ensure an efficient placement.

How far should a dishwasher be from the sink?

The distance between the dishwasher and the sink placement should be a maximum of 12 feet. Anything more than this would not be recommended.

Should the dishwasher be placed on the left or right?

It would help if you placed the dishwasher nearest to the sink based on your preference. If you are left-handed, then it should be placed on the left. Or else, you can even put it on the right.

Can a dishwasher be installed in the wall corner?

Yes, installing the dishwasher in a wall corner is possible, but not a full-size dishwasher. For such requirements, you need to go for smaller size options that are 18” wide.


The placement of the dishwasher is crucial as it will decide the ease of washing and storing crockeries. While designing any kitchen layout should be one of the primary focus considerations.

That said, placing a dishwasher behind a stove won’t cause any problem. Instead, it is recommended practice to reduce the work of washing and storing crockeries. In this regard, you must place the dishwasher in a place that allows you to limit your movement.

Moreover, proper placement will ensure efficient washing and storing of stained plates and glasses. We hope we have made you understand the need to place the dishwasher behind the stove. Still, any query ponders in your mind, do let us know.

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