Do I Need a Dishwasher Installation Kit?

It is always a stressful chore to scrub off dirty or old food from your dishes. The majority of people out there hate this particular tedious chore. Fortunately, technology has provided a great solution to a dishwashing machine. But you need to pause and think about its installation process. Ask yourself, how do I install this magical machine? Do I need a dishwasher installation kit? Or can I just wing it like that?

To learn more about all these musings, keep reading. This article explains what a dishwasher installation kit is, the situations that call for it, and the benefits of getting it.

Dishwasher Installation Kit: What Is It?

A dishwasher installation kit is a device you can use to set up any dishwashing machine safely. The installation kit is essential whether you want to install a new dishwasher or replace an old one. It is nearly compatible with every brand model of dishwasher. With an installation kit, the setup of a dishwasher is like a breeze, even that of a low water pressure dishwasher.

If you’re lucky to get the complete installation kit, you will gain many things. Most of them come with compatible dishwasher parts. For example, you can get a complete cleaning and deodorizing solution. Also, you can get a cutlery basket beside the real items included inside the installation kit.

Dishwasher Installation Kit

Furthermore, assembling a dishwasher gets easier with an installation kit. All you will need are 3 items from the kit as; drain line, water supply line, and a power cord, and the connection is over. As long as you understand what is needed, you can even DIY the entire process.

Contents Of An Installation Kit:

  • Bolts and screws
  • A connector that functions as the drain
  • A power cord which you can use to connect the dishwasher to an outlet
  • A 6ft. industrial-grade, nylon braided hose for water supply
  • Strain-relief bracket
  • Teflon Tape
  • Wire caps
  • 3/8-inch brass-compression fitting with an in-line & elbow tee

With all these items, connecting your dishwasher becomes a simple task. If you are connecting a new dishwasher, you only need to undertake a 3 connection process-the drain-line connection, the water-supply connection, and the power cord connection.

Drain-line Connection

The drain-line connection on your dishwasher is an easy task. You have to connect the drain hose to the drain trap underneath your sink. On its path to the trap, it either coils around the countertop beneath the sink or to the air-gap fitting.

Drain-line Connection

However, you must find out the real code required for the connection in your area. But whichever method you may use should be geared towards preventing dirty wastewater from drawing backward to your dishwasher.

When the drain hose curves back downwards, it is fitted either to a garbage-disposal nipple or fitted directly to the sink drain tailpiece nipple.

Water-Supply Connection

The water-supply connection is not a difficult task at all. It only requires fitting one side of the supply tube to the valve that brings water into your dishwasher. Also, fit the other side to the shut-off valve on a hot water supply valve. This particular supply tube is just like an extensive version of a similar supply tube, which feeds toilets and sinks faucets.

Water-Supply Connection

If you are familiar with fixtures like those plumbing items, DIYing a dishwasher hookup will become very easy. You only need to connect the tube for the water supply by hooking a particular brass fitting named dishwasher 90. It is a 90o elbow that permits a supply tube to connect to a dishwasher. Normally, this fitting comes with the assembling kit, which also contains a braided steel supply tube.

Power-Cord Connection

This particular item is actually the trickiest to handle among all the others, especially for those who are not experienced in electrical wiring. There are two ways a dishwasher can be wired. It is hard-wired via an NM circuit wire that feeds directly inside the dishwasher’s cable connection box.

Power-Cord Connection

Or you can use a quality appliance cord which you can plug within the wall outlet. Whichever method you use, the electrical code states that every dishwasher should have its particular dedicated circuit. Therefore, if your own dishwasher is not wired like this, you need to get a replacement immediately. Also, there will be the need for a new circuit which you can install together with the dishwasher.

Besides, since the year 2020, the NEC code also regulates that dishwashers should have GFCI protection. The code requires that they should all have the protection even at places it isn’t needed. This strategy is excellent since it allows for easier disconnection if you want to take it out for service in the future.

With the understanding of electrical wiring, you can DIY your dishwasher’s wiring. You can do either the appliance cord or the hard-wire connections comfortably, especially since both ways are similar in how they are carried out.

The wire connections of both ways are made within an access panel found beneath the appliance. All you will need are;

  • Spade bit and drill (if necessary)
  • Screwdrivers
  • Adjustable wrench or channel-lock pliers
  • Wire connectors or wire nuts
  • A Connector kit
  • Electric appliance cord
  • Pipe joint compound

How to do it:

  • Connect the electrical cord
  • Attach the water supply
  • Followed by fixing the water supply line
  • Set the dishwasher in place
  • Fasten the dishwasher into place
  • Attach the water supply hose
  • Also, attach its drain hose
  • Experiment with the dishwasher
  • Put back the dishwasher face plate on the appliance bottom front
  • And you are done

Do I Need A Dishwasher Installation Kit?

For a new dishwasher, you don’t need to get an installation kit as it comes with all the accessories that you may need for installation. In case, your dishwasher doesn’t come with all the accessories or if you purchased a used one, you might need an installation kit. However, installing a dishwasher becomes easier with an installation kit. Without an installation kit, you can expect to spend up to 2 to 3 hours more setting up new pipes. Also, expect additional expenses you may incur if there is any need to purchase more parts, especially if you haven’t done the process before.

Do I Need A Dishwasher Installation Kit

You should think about getting an installation kit. If you are afraid of the cost, you can always check online. There is no doubt that you can get a 3rd – party installation kit at the local shops, which will work well with any model of dishwasher.

Who Needs A Dishwasher Installation Kit?

In some cases, getting a dishwasher installation kit is needed. For instance; when you;

Buy a dishwasher that has already been used:

Fairly used dishwashers do not have the required installation tools necessary for a seamless process. If they do, they may be faulty, and you will need to replace them. So in such a case, it becomes necessary to replace the tools.

Purchase Incomplete Appliance:

If the dishwasher model doesn’t have the complete parts, you will have to buy a universal installation kit containing the items you may need. Besides, there are some dishwashers even though they are new; they don’t come complete with the required items for installation. If such is the case for your new dishwasher, you will have to buy the installation kit. But if you don’t want to, you can always purchase the necessary parts individually.

The parts you may need to buy are; 1 water line a right-angle hose bib connector which can size any water line. In some cases, you may need to purchase a new power cord, especially for a fairly used dishwasher.

If you Are Inexperienced:

If you are not experienced with the use and installation of dishwashers, it is advisable to buy an installation kit. The kit will make the process easier.

Benefits Of A Dishwasher Installation Kit

The dishwasher installation kit comes with many great benefits. Such as;

  • Making the installation process a breeze
  • Reduces the inconvenience and cost of looking for other parts which are not included with the dishwasher
  • With an installation kit, you can DIY the entire process
  • An installation kit saves time you would have spent on installation otherwise
  • Saving the cost of purchasing the extra parts that normally come in the kit.

Final Thought

This guide has answered your question; do I need a dishwasher installation kit. If you want to install your dishwasher successfully, it requires proper knowledge and the appropriate equipment. You will also need an installation kit with a water supply line and a 90-degree fitting.

Although it is stated that new dishwashers come together with their own installation kit, not all of them do. So, you may need to get an installation kit for yourself to simplify the process.

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