Washing Shoes in Dishwasher | A Comprehensive Guide

Washing your favorite pair of shoes on short notice might seem to be a hectic task. Many find washing shoes frustrating and don’t want to get their hands on them. In such a situation, most people are unsure whether they can wash their shoes in a dishwasher.

Well, Washing Shoes in Dishwasher is possible, but it is not recommended. However, you have to follow some prerequisites. The dishwasher must have settings that allow washing the shoes and drying them with no heat.

That said, washing shoes in a dishwasher do involve some risks and limitations, which we will discuss in this discussion. This article will tell you about the steps involving washing shoes with a dishwasher and its aspects.

Therefore, let us begin the discussion right away.

Is It Wise To Wash Shoes In A Dishwasher?

Some manufacturers won’t ever recommend you to wash shoes in their dishwasher models. Almost all the brands won’t take any liability, and you will choose the chance of claiming a warranty.

Is It Wise To Wash Shoes In A Dishwasher

But it is possible to wash the shoes in a dishwasher by keeping a few things in mind constant. That said, some of the factors you should consider are discussed below:

Shoe type

Not all shoes are suitable for washing in a dishwasher. Shoes like rubber boots or flip-flops are good enough for washing as they won’t cause any significant issues.

On the other hand, leather shoes and cloth-made sneakers aren’t suited for a wash. The reason is the heat used, and the detergent type may harm the shoes.


Detergents matters because some of them can be harmful to the shoes. Most detergents come with bleaching agents, which might damage the shoe, and it’s better to avoid them while washing.

How To Wash Shoes In A Dishwasher?

It may not be a good idea for many when it’s about washing shoes in a dishwasher. But the process is tried and tested as a successful one. That said, the steps for washing a shoe using a dishwasher are given below:

Washing Shoes in Dishwasher

Step-1: Remove dirt from shoes

The first step would be the removal of dirt present in the shoe. In the shoes, there are a lot of unsolicited things that often remain stuck.

Mainly, solid soil particles can cause a clog inside your dishwasher. It is necessary to remove things like those first.

Step-2: Remove Insoles

After the initial cleanup, you should remove the insoles. You can clean them separately but not with the shoe itself. Also, it is better to remove the shoelaces as it may result in tanging inside the dishwasher.

Step-3: Turn off the heat

The heat in the dishwasher puts the shoes at risk. If adhesives and glues are attached to the shoes, they will soften due to the initial excessive heat.

Eventually, it can even lead to the shoes cracking. And if leather shoes are there, those can even meltdown. Therefore, better to turn off the heat before taking shoes in.

Step-4: Run the wash cycle

Carry out the wash cycle after you have all the steps above. While doing so, you must ensure you don’t clean the shoes with dirty dishes. It would make the shoes smelly and, to some extent, stinky.

That said, use detergents that aren’t corrosive during the cycle. Aggressive agents will end up damaging the shoes. After this process, remove the shoes and clean the dishwasher filter.

Step-5: Dry the shoes

The last phase is drying the shoes, which is relatively straightforward. Here, don’t think of using the drying feature of the dishwasher as it would end up cracking the shoe.

Instead, stuff the shoes with newspaper, which will help absorb the moisture quickly. A better strategy would be to put it under a fan for faster drying.

Why Clean The Dishwasher After Cleaning Shoes?

Even after cleaning the dirty shoes initially, a few things remain stuck. These things are removed after a wash cycle and stay a residue waste of the cleanup. That is why you need to clean them, or else the following things may happen:

Drainage Clog

If the drainage filter isn’t cleaned correctly, these wastes will create a clog inside the dishwasher. It will eventually let the water and debris pass through efficiently. Therefore, it is a must for everyone to clean the dishwasher after cleaning their shoes.

Hamper Regular Washing

The dishwasher’s main task is washing dishes where you eat food. The residue waste of washed shoes remaining inside the dishwasher means there are chances of those coming in contact with plates.

No one would want this to happen, so cleaning up after washing shoes is necessary.

Is Washing Shoes In The Dishwasher Better Than Washing Machines?

The dishwasher is a much better option than the washing machine as the scope for shoes getting damaged is less. In the washing machine, the shoes might get affected while beating against the drum.

It can also damage the washing drum in the same process. But with the dishwasher, there isn’t any such thing.

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A dishwasher is a good solution for making shoe cleaning easy these days. For the people who are reluctant to do so with their hands, it’s the best method.

But while washing the shoes, there are many things to remember. One should strictly follow every aspect, from avoiding hot water to not drying using dishwasher heat. The main goal should be to ensure safe washing without damaging the shoes.

Moreover, using a dishwasher over a washing machine would be a great decision. We hope that our guide has helped you to have a better understanding of washing with a dishwasher.

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