What is Indoorhelper?

Hello dear readers,

Welcome to Indoorhelper! We are delighted that you have come to visit our “About Us” page. It’s very pleasing to know that you are interested to know about us. Without further delay, let’s introduce ourselves! Here at Indoorhelper, we work with a group of experienced people who’ve expertise knowledge on dishwashers and other home appliances.

We have mechanical engineers, dishwashers technicians, and a group of enthusiast people interested in dishwashers and their accessories. It doesn’t matter what type of dishwasher you’re looking for.

Here in Indoorhelper, you’ll find complete buying guidelines for different types of dishwashers, such as the best dishwashers for baby bottles, septic systems, low water pressure, Etc. Every single team member of Indoorhelper works hard to guide you to the right dishwasher.

How Our Products Are Rated?

Every dishwasher you find here in Indoorhelper results from deep market research and product analysis. We are here with a vision to earn your satisfaction by helping you get a suitable dishwasher.

However, things are not that easy. We have to work hard to find the right product for you. Therefore, to achieve our goal and do all of our tasks appropriately, we’ve designed an organized system to-rated our products.

First of all, we built a team of expert people directly related to dishwashers and their accessories. We distribute our tasks among the members based on their knowledge and interest.

Once all the tasks are assigned to team members, we start our product rating process. We have a research team investigating the market and product and primarily lists the top quality products based on users’ preferences.

After collecting the product data investigation team forward the data to the expert team to analyze the product. The expert team analyzes the products, identifies their core features, and cross-checks them with original buyer’s reviews. Later they forwarded the data to the writing team for writing an in-detail review with complete buying guidelines.

How We Make Product Reviews?

Market And Product Research

Investigation of the market and researching the product is the foremost thing we do in our product review process. Our team studies the overall market, buyer’s perception and looks for the product’s newness. After a thorough investigation, we primarily select the top products of the best brands that are highly famous among its users.

Main Features Identification

Our expert team reviews all the products that our investigation team primarily listed. They analyze all the specifications and features of the product and then identify the product’s core features and separate the product from the primary list to the main list according to that.

Product Selection

Once the product’s core features are identified, we get the list of the best products that we are looking for. Not all the products are beneficial for its users except the one that comes with all the product’s core features. So our expert team finally selected those products only that maintain the standard of the products and come with all the core features.

Analyzing Reviews

Once our final products are selected, we won’t list that product instantly on our site. Before listing the product on our site, we study the genuine buyer’s reviews of those products to get the real-life experience. After analyzing the actual buyer’s reviews, we skip some products that its buyers are given objections to and not satisfied with.


After analyzing all the products, we go through a product ranking process to determine the best product on our list. In the ranking process, we score our listed products for every positive aspect. Hence, the product that got the highest score means the best of the best products.

Review Writing

Once the product ranking process was complete, we handed all our research and analyzed data to our writing team to write an in-detail review of our selected product with full buying guidelines.

Buying Guide

It’s the result of all efforts. You’ll find the overall summation of product research and investigation in the buying guide. With the help of a buying guide, you can easily select the best product for you based on your budget and requirements.

Who Are We?

Evans Wade

Evans Wade is the founder and editorial head of Indoorhelper. He completed his graduation in Mechanical Engineering and joined a renowned dishwashing manufacturing industry.

After working there for about six years, he left the job and started his own business. Currently, he has five dealerships shops where he sells different brands of dishwashers and their accessories.

Besides business, Evans is a researcher and blogger. He loves to talk about different things that he deals with regularly. Evans created this site Indoorhelper to share his knowledge and experience about dishwasher with the people who don’t have proper knowledge about it.

Andrew M. Huffman

Andrew is an editor of this site, Indoorhelper. He’s a dishwasher technician, and he operated a workshop for repairing dishwashers. There is not a single thing about dishwashers that he doesn’t know.

That’s the only reason we have hired him to our team. Now he is the in-charge of the investigation team. Under his supervision, the research team conducts the research and investigation process.

Troy B. Davis

Troy is the senior content developer of our site, Indoorhelper. After completing his marketing and English literature graduation, he worked for many tech giant agencies as a writer and content developer. The great thing about Troy is he can explain everything so straightforward that the readers can easily understand that. He writes about the product in-depth and helps users to make their decision precisely.