Dishwasher Lights Flashing And Will Not Start [Complete Guide]

Lights in the dishwasher start flashing or beeping whenever there is any error or defect in the device. More often, such issues result in the dishwasher not starting.

Dishwasher lights flashing and not starting may happen either due to faulty components or an internal error. For figuring this out, you need to understand the flashing light and beeping patterns to figure out the problem.

That said, this guide will cover all aspects involving dishwasher lights flashing and will not start comprehensively. So, stay with us till the end, to have a fix for this problem.

What Causes Dishwasher Lights Flashing And Will Not Start?

Several reasons may lead to dishwasher lights flashing continuously. These reasons eventually prompt the device not to start in most cases. Some of the most commons reasons are stated below:

dishwasher lights flashing and will not start

1. Faulty Door Latch

The door latch having issues might be one of the causes of the lights beeping. Mainly, the lights in the dishwasher start to blink whenever the door is opened. Usually, the light stops flashing when the door is closed.

But if it’s still blinking after closure, there are issues with the door latch. The reason can be either a broken door latch or the sensor giving faulty signals.

2. Door Not Closing

When the dishwasher door isn’t closed correctly, it will lead to lights beeping and flashing. The door closure is when you hear the snapping sound correctly.

There is no indication of the door closing without a proper snapping sound. That said, based on the dishwasher model, the closure mechanism might differ.

3. Defective Component

Some dishwasher models start flashing lights when there is a faulty component existing. It can be a situation where the thermistor has a short circuit or even issues with the touchpad. The best solution would be to figure out the exact defective component.

What To Do If Your Dishwasher Won’t Start And Blinking Lights?

The problem might seem not to be that serious, but prolonging it will cause serious implications for the device. When some of the lights in the dishwasher are flashing with beeping, most commonly, there can be two faults.

One is a faulty door latch, and another is a defective control panel. That said, if you have some DIY tools, it’s possible to fix this problem yourself. The steps for fixing the problem are mentioned below:

Step-1: Install A New Door Latch

The first step would be to install a new door latch. The lights often start blinking and beeping due to a faulty latch. To install a new latch, follow the directives as mentioned:

  • Open the dishwasher door and head towards the upper compartment
  • Take a drill and loosen the screw holding the door latch
  • Take out the existing latch and put a new one in place
  • Tighten the screws to fit the new latch in its place

Step-2: Check The Lights

Now, check whether the yellow and start lights are still beeping. If the problem persists, the issue originated from the control panel. To get a solution, move on to the next step.

Step-3: Remove The Bottom Cover

This step will start with turning off the breaker. After that, you must remove the bottom cover by unscrewing the bolts with the drill. Then, take out the insulation to make the control board exposed.

Step-4: Remove The Control Board

Start the removal process of the control board with a drill by unscrewing the two bolts that are holding it. After that, disconnect every plugin and remove the screws. Lastly, remove all the harnesses and clamps to remove the control board.

Step-5: Install The New Control Board

Before installing the new board, disconnect the old one from the metal shield completely. You’ll see that a few screws and some clamps are attaching the board to the shield. Detach the panel by taking those out and then placing the new one.

Tighten the screw and clamps to give a new control board firm protection through the shield. Then, install the board right into its compartment and reinstall the bottom cover.

Step-6: Turn On The Breaker

Turn the breaker on and see whether the yellow lights continue blinking. If it stops blinking, the problem is solved. Or else, you will need a mechanic consultation to solve the problem.

How Serious Is The Dishwasher Won’t Start And The Lights Blinking Problem?

Fixing the dishwasher not starting and light flashing is possible when replacing the control board or the door latch. But if none of these works, then there can be problems that will give you a headache.

The defective components inside can be one of the roots of this issue, and it is better to replace them immediately. Taking time to replace them might prove to be hazardous as it can also affect other components.

Other than this, not replacing or repairing the faulty part may even affect the total cycle of the dishwasher.

When Should You Call A Technician For A Dishwasher Starting Issue?

There are a few instances when you’ll need professional help to repair the dishwasher, not starting problem. Some of the apparent reasons behind calling a technician are listed below:

Faulty Drive Motor

The Drive motor is responsible for providing water turbulence inside your dishwasher. If there are some issues with it, the water won’t be moving at all. It means that there will be issues while cleaning the dishes, resulting in the dishwasher not even starting.

The repair of this problem is only possible through expert consultation. You must consult a professional technician to get your dishwasher functioning again.

Malfunctioning Switches

Both the start and selector switches in the dishwasher can malfunction after a certain period. You must detach the dishwasher door from its body. It is a lengthy task, so consulting a technician would be a better idea.

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The dishwasher not starting can be frustrating for the people who use it regularly. Thus, when the dishwasher is not starting, finding the reason behind the blinking lights is an important and kind of tricky task.

However, Irrespective of the model, the door latch should be tested and checked whether it is the leading cause. As for most models, it is one of the common issues. Apart from this, you should not address the problem with a delay as it can have negative implications.

Moreover, dishwasher lights flashing and will not start may not seem severe until you figure out its root in the control board. Therefore, inspect the issue properly and try out the possible solutions before expert consultation.

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