Is Dishwasher Worth Buying?

Keeping the cooking items and tools clean is essential, but having spare time is just as necessary! But when you put them both side by side, you don’t really get to choose both because cleaning job is a time consuming one.

And that’s where a dishwasher can come in extremely handy. So, if you’re wondering whether is dishwasher worth buying or not, here this out:

A dishwasher is totally worth an investment because it speeds up the process of cleaning dishes after eating or cooking. Where most of your family grownups have less time for domestic chores, a dishwasher would be a relief. The machine will wash dirty utensils and kitchen cookware automatically, saving you on time and money.

That’s why people consider it a great solution in saving time and cost. We’ll consider the worth of investing in a dishwasher through this article. Also, you will learn the benefits and disadvantages of using a dishwasher and the possible cost of the appliance.

Is Dishwasher Worth Buying?

A dishwasher is worth buying given its several benefits, particularly in a large household. If you wish to save time and maintain proper hygiene, you will need a dishwasher to make this feasible.

There are several reasons to get a dishwasher in your home or office. One notable reason is a dishwasher saves time and washes quite effectively. Let’s consider more reasons why a dishwasher is necessary for a home.

Is Dishwasher Worth Buying

  • Better Cleaning Results: One of the reasons you will need a dishwasher is that it provides a better cleaning result, aside from the time and energy it saves you. A dishwasher leaves your crockery cleaner and shinier.
  • Eliminates Germs: A dishwasher eliminates germs because of the heated washing water. The machine heats its washing water to 90℃-100℃, which is just enough to clean your dishes properly and eradicate germs.
  • Provides Good Space Management: A slimline dishwasher is a great choice for anyone who wishes to manage limited space. This means you can still get your desired kitchen design as you manage the limited space.
  • Good Water and Energy Management: Dishwashers have proven, on different occasions, to conserve energy and water upon use.

What are the Benefits of a Dishwasher?

Using a dishwasher for kitchen wares and utensils gives an efficient, time-saving, and cost-saving means of washing. The machine completes a washing session of over 60 wares in less than 30 minutes and less than 50 liters of water.

What are the Benefits of a Dishwasher

Let’s discuss the benefits in detail below:

Saves Time

Time efficiency stands as one of the major benefits of using a dishwasher. In most homes, people could spend over an hour hand washing plates and other kitchen wares daily, especially where are the family size is very large. So, with the machine, you will thoroughly remove the task from yourself as it saves more time which you could direct to other activities.

Saves water

Using a dishwasher reduces water consumption. Research by the International Journal of Consumer Studies revealed that families with dishwashers could save up to 50% on their water bills. This is because the machine can wash over 60 kitchen wares with less than 50 liters of water. Such an equivalent task with handwashing will take over 100 liters of water.

Depending on the washing mode that you set for your dishwasher, the machine will only use water in small quantities. This is unlike a handwashing process where you can continuously run your tap for several minutes non-stop. So, using a dishwasher is cheaper and more economical.

High Temperature kills germs

A dishwasher heats the water it uses for washing to a higher temperature of about 90 to 100 degrees Celsius. This treats your utensil as the temperature can kill bacteria, acting as a disinfectant. Manual handwashing can’t be done at such a high temperature. So, using a dishwasher is a great solution for disinfecting, especially where there are tender children.

Noiseless Operation

The design of modern dishwashers is such that their operations are impressively noiseless. With a dishwasher, you can do your dishes at any time, whether day or night, without disturbing your children or others while they’re asleep. This is unlike handwashing, where you can hardly control the noise when washing many utensils.

Drying of utensils

The performance of modern dishwashers includes drying the washed plates and other kitchen wares. This removes the stress of manually washing and hand-drying all the plates one after the other. So, your machine will remove such a frustrating process from you, saving your time and energy.

Cleaning Capacity

One of the major issues that could make people not buy a dishwasher is their doubt about its cleaning capacity. But such conception and thoughts are wrong. A dishwasher operates with many modes, of which the soaking mode is one of them.

So, it can soak your dishes for some time which helps to soften any burnt and sticky food particles. Also, with strong spins and splashes of water, the machine provides super cleaning capacity that leaves your dishes perfectly neat and clean.

Easy Installation

Installing a dishwasher is easy and can be a DIY project with the right guideline of the user manual. Similar to a washing machine, the dishwasher needs two water channels. The first is the water supply inlet, while the other is the outlet of dirty water to the sewer.

If you have basic knowledge about machines, you can complete the installation yourself with the instructional guide. But where you can’t, you should hire a professional. In some cases, purchasing the machine comes with free delivery and installation by a professional from the vendor.

Disadvantages of Using a Dishwasher

Besides its numerous benefits, a dishwasher has downsides that may deter some individuals from buying or even using the machine.

Disadvantages of using Dishwasher

Here are some of the disadvantages of a dishwasher:

Power Consumption

A dishwasher is a device that requires an electric current for its operation. Though it may conserve water, its use will invariably increase your electrical bills. This means that the reduced water bills will make up for the higher electricity bill.

Alternatively, some modern designs and brands of dishwashers are rated as being more energy-efficient as they consume minimal energy in their operation. The value is below 1 kW/h. Though their prices may be a little higher than the normal one, the saved energy bills over time will be profitable.

Huge size

The size of dishwashers is quite large that they could use up more spaces in your home. This could be a great challenge for narrow apartments with space constraints. So, marking out a perfect position for installing the machine could be quite difficult.

Alternatively, you can opt for smaller-sized models that could fit in small kitchens. Though they may not be highly efficient as the bigger ones, you will still get the major benefits of using the dishwasher.

Cost of Machine

Dishwashers are powerful and huge electrical appliances that could cut deep into your pocket. With their prices at about $500 and above on average, they are expensive investments in one’s home. So, you’ll have to create a planned budget for getting one. Also, using vendors that give discounts or allow installments for a payment plan could be helpful.

Still requires human effort

Having a dishwasher doesn’t completely remove your hand from some work with your kitchen utensils. You need to load the machine with the dishes correctly before starting it. This means that the machine still depends on you for its operation.

There’s no way you will just load two or three plates into the machine. Dishes must be loaded up to halfway to avoid breakdown. This means that you will need many dirty dishes to load the machine for a wash. But keeping a pile of used utensils in your kitchen creates a way for cockroaches or bugs to invade your home.

How Much Does a Dishwasher Cost?

The average cost of buying a dishwasher is about $400 to $2,000. However, the cost of a dishwasher depends on several factors.

Some of the factors that could determine the price of a dishwasher are as follows:

  • The brand – Dishwashers comes from different manufacturers. Most times, the brand of the machine affects its design and features. Most modern brands are more energy-efficient in that they could save energy costs for users.
  • Size of the machine – There are different sizes of dishwashers. The sizes range from small to medium to big. In some cases, the size will determine the features.
  • Location of the buyer or seller – The farther the distance between the buyer and seller, the higher the cost of the machine could be. This is because there could be an addition of the shipping or delivery cost to the price of the dishwasher.

Should You Buy a Dishwasher?

Buying a dishwasher will save you time water and remove the need and cost of keeping a domestic help. It is a great household appliance that removes the stress of hand washing and drying your dishes personally.

But, in your attempt to purchase a dishwashing machine, it’s quite vital to know the necessary things to consider to make the right choice.

Should You Buy a Dishwasher

Energy Efficiency

You can tell whether or not a dishwasher provides efficient energy from the Energy Star symbol displayed on it. Moreover, it should be Consortium of Energy Efficiency certified to give you some energy values for your money. But you can find a budget-friendly dishwasher under 700 that offers such great energy efficiency.

Types of Dishwashers– Countertop & Portable Drawer Models

Your choice of a dishwasher might be connected to whether or not you are in your apartment, family size, and your home size. Every dishwashing machine comes with its benefits and limitations. If you intend to relocate after a while, then getting a portable model will work best for you.

The cheaper models of dishwashers are the countertops and a few portable units. These models are not ideal for a large family. Conversely, the built-ins are preferable for larger households, especially if you own your home. So, consider the model that best suits your needs in your choice-making.


The capacity refers to the size of the dishwasher. There are two main sizes: the standard and the compact size. A compact-sized dishwasher is ideal for 2 or 3 persons, as it holds up to 6 to 8 standard settings. On the other hand, a standard-sized dishwasher will hold about 12 to 14 place settings, adequate for family use.

Washing cycles

Dishwashers have up to 3 different washing cycles: economy settings, heavy wash, regular wash, and light wash. With the Economy settings, you save the cost of energy consumed by the heating element. But you will have to pay more if you want the enhanced cycles. These include pot scrub, sanitize wash, quick wash, rinse, and stemware.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is It Cheaper To Use a Dishwasher at Night?

It’s cheaper to use a dishwasher at night. This is because, at night, the grid is less busy, as people start to switch off the TVs and lights. You can do the dishes anywhere between 9 pm to 6 am when the energy charges are minimal.

How Many Years Does a Dishwasher Last?

A good quality typical dishwasher lasts for up to 10 years. This is derived from the survey of manufacturers based on consumers’ reportsHowever, if you don’t take good care of the machine, it might not be as efficient or serve that long.

Does a Dishwasher Use a Lot of Electricity?

The average wattage of most dishwashers is about 1,800 watts. This is quite cheap, given the amount of load it requires and based on an hourly rating; a dishwasher would use 1.8 kWh of electricity. That’s about 12 dollars a month if you use your dishwasher twice a day.

Do Dishwashers Really Save Time?

A dishwasher saves time since it operates automatically without having you standing by, doing dishes. It can wash many utensils at the same time within 20-30 minutes before you unload everything from it. And since they have an automatic turn-off feature, you don’t have to wait to unload before going out.

Should I Use My Dishwasher Every Day?

It is safe to use your dishwasher every day. The device is sturdy and can last for at least 10 years, depending on the brand. However, make sure you use proper cleaning tools and follow the suggested procedure to do the cleaning.


Dishwashers come with several exciting features that make up for the value of your money. To save time, energy, water and get an effective and hygienic dishwashing result, you should consider getting a dishwasher.

So, as you can see there’s a high chance that is dishwasher worth buying for your case. Every family, especially where members have busy schedules to maintain, should consider investing in a dishwasher to simplify their domestic chores.

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