Where To Put Liquid Dishwasher Detergent?

For washing the dirty dishes,  you would normally need soaps or detergent. This helps in the easy removal of the dirt. But in the dishwasher, the mechanism using the detergent is way different.

You can put the liquid dishwasher on the soap dispenser tub of the dishwasher. While locating the tubs, you’ll find one compartment for liquid and another for powder detergent. Spill the liquid detergent carefully so that there is no spillage.

But there’s more to its usage. This article will discuss where to put liquid dishwasher detergent and all other necessary aspects. Therefore, without wasting a second, let us begin.

Where To Put Liquid Dishwasher Detergent?

Since there are different types of dishwashers, the dispenser tub of each of these types varies. Depending on the dishwasher variant, the process and location for putting the liquid detergent also change.

Where To Put Liquid Dishwasher Detergent

Here below are the processes to put liquid detergent on some relevant types of dishwashers:

Portable Dishwashers

A portable dishwasher allows you to move around and provides excellent mobility. It can fit any space and offers the superb output required for smaller households.

For adding liquid detergent to the portable dishwasher, first, you need to find the detergent cup. In the case of portable ones, the detergent cup is on the inside door of most dishwashers.

After you find the tub for liquid detergent, slide or snap it depending on the cover type. Then, fill the tub carefully and close the cover firmly so that liquid doesn’t spill out.

Drawer Dishwashers

Drawer dishwashers have a drawer-type mechanism and come with a compact design. It is perfect for smaller kitchens and apartments with space limitations.

To add the liquid detergent, open the dispenser latch and pull out the tray to place the pack of liquid detergent.

Integrated Dishwashers

An integrated dishwasher is a type of dishwasher that fits into your kitchen’s cabinet. These are some dishwashers that blend with the kitchen and are the best option for customized fitting.

The best part about this dishwasher is that they offer quiet operations than most other dishwasher types. To add liquid detergent to this dishwasher, follow the steps below:

  • Open the dishwasher door
  • Locate the pods for detergent
  • Snap or slide to open the pod
  • Insert liquid pack or fill the pod carefully
  • Close the pod

Countertype Dishwasher

It is a portable dishwasher that can be placed flat on any surface. Compactness is its main characteristic, and it edges most other portable dishwasher types based on this trait.

To add liquid detergent to a portable dishwasher, you can follow the steps below:

  • Locate the compartment just after opening the door
  • Spill the right amount of liquid detergent so that excess foam isn’t produced

Built-in Dishwasher

It is the standard form of a traditional dishwasher used in most households. These are some big models that need space to fit correctly. And the best part is that this dishwasher can be connected directly to your kitchen’s plumbing.

Now, the process of adding liquid detergent to the built-in dishwasher is explained below

  • Open the detergent dispenser flap by pushing
  • Fill the liquid detergent in the compartment
  • Close the flap, ensuring that the liquid doesn’t overflow

How Do You Use Liquid Dish Soap In A Dishwasher?

The lack of dishwasher detergent sometimes prompts the usage of liquid dishwasher soap. That said, using this dish soap generates sudsy foam when washing. As a result, the breakdown of food wastes and stains on the plates is easily possible.

How Do You Use Liquid Dish Soap In A Dishwasher

However, liquid dishwasher soap usage must be done with care. Here are the steps to use liquid dish soap in a dishwasher as follows:

Step 1: Open the Dishwasher

The first step would be to open the dishwasher and see where the detergent cup or compartment is located.

Step 2: Fill up the cup

Next, you need to fill up the cup with liquid detergent. In addition, a pre-wash cup may also exist in some models. Fill this pre-wash cup too when the dishes are too dirty. That said, remember not to overfill the cups with liquid detergent.

Step 3: Close and Start the dishwasher

The last step would be to close the dishwasher and start a particular type of wash depending on the needs.

Is Liquid Dishwasher Detergent Better Than Pods?

To wash food stains in the dishes properly, you need to select the right type of detergent. And after choosing the type, you need to ensure that you use them in the proper proportions.

Between pods and liquid detergent, pods clean better as they are more concentrated with more detergents. The following factors will give you a fair idea about both of these washing agents:


The most significant advantage you’ll get using a pod in your dishwasher is that you don’t need to focus on the task of accurate measuring. Because the results from using too much or little don’t exist.

However, in the case of liquid dishwasher detergent, you need to be very accurate. Even a slight mistake in the proportions will create a messy situation.

Spot Formation

With the pod, there is zero chance of spot formation due to the chemical or detergent concentration of pods. However, a low-quality liquid detergent might cause dishes to have spots.

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The compartment or tub for liquid dishwashers varies depending on the dishwasher type. However, for all these types, the main goal is to use the right volume of the liquid dishwasher.

But not for all the models; the volume would be the same. In fact, it all depends on how much wash your plates and utensils would require. The success of the process depends on how effectively you have added liquid detergent and avoided the messy situation.

Moreover, after this article, we hope you’ll be able to use liquid dishwasher detergent despite being risky.

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